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Social networks

Advantages and disadvantages


Do you want to participate in the boom social networks and develop your activities there?
A pros and cons - "Engagement Social Networks"

Many examples suggest that membership as a social network company is a successful story. It is these positive examples that lead many to make hasty decisions and rash acts.

Very often, due to such success stories, the compulsion to establish a presence in one or even several social networks as quickly as possible for one's own company arises. After all, you want to benefit from this wave of success yourself.

But beware! This step towards social networks should be well thought out and tackled only well prepared.

Like everything in life, this form of presentation has its two sides.

It is beyond doubt a great thing with supposedly many people in the way of the social networking activities in contact and to be able to exchange permanently. Added to this is the fantastic idea of ​​being able to advertise, advertise and sell your products or services in a cost-effective way.

But here as well, as in all good marketing in general, behind the success is a good content that is offered to the visitors, an added value!

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Effort and acquisition

I agree that considering the basic costs, ie the mere use of the platform, the social networks are a favorable medium for being able to present themselves on the internet. Also, the propagated user numbers provide wonderful conditions for the desired and to be acquired clientele. However, this is only offset by the time required and the resulting costs for the "entertaining" operation of this presence in the social network.

So at the beginning you have to create or have created a company page or a profile suitable for your company. If this happens, it will need to be acquired. This requires both potential new customers and existing customers to draw attention to the new presence.

Your existing customers are best informed of your new activity by means of a smartly designed newsletter. It's a good way to provide an incentive to join your new venture so you can gain a base of subscribers, followers, fans and more.

For potential new customers, however, it requires equal to a greater effort. There are different ways of doing this, which vary depending on the social network and are also to be selected with regard to the structure of the presenting company.

This is the beginning, but now the supreme discipline begins for success in the social network.

Care, content, entertainment

The corporate social media presence is undergoing a fairly timely change of pace with which to keep pace. This means that your own profile should always be updated to a high degree and updated with news. Visitor comments are, as usually expected, to be as prompt as possible.

An effort that you need to be aware of. Because if you or perhaps a person entrusted with it can not do justice to this and even more requirements in addition to everyday business, you should avoid becoming active in one of the social networks.

 This has two reasons

      • firstly, with a half-hearted activity, you would not achieve sustainable success, and it could even have a negative impact on your entire business

      • on the other hand, you would block your own creativity to a considerable extent. Because you would always carry your project social networks, consciously or unconsciously, as a burden around. You should not do that because it would block you in your other projects, whether professional or private.

Of course, you also have the option to hire a service provider to create and maintain your presence in a social network.

I want to agree with this possibility in two points, namely in the creation of a presence and, as a result, an accompanying consultation.

On the other hand, eg the processing of comments should not be done by a service provider. Nobody better than yourself or an employee of your company explicitly entrusted to you can fulfill this sensitive task; because no one can convey your entrepreneurial spirit with the required authenticity in the way your company does.

Let's start with the case, you are aware of the effort involved, can manage and coordinate the necessary resources, and have made the decision to build a presence on the social network, which are very good conditions for success in social networks ,

Selection of the social network

Again, we can choose from a variety of providers such as

      • Xing

      • Google+

      • Facebook

      • Pinterest

      • Twitter

      • LinkedIn

      • Instagram

      • tumblr

      • etc.

Criteria for choosing the right social network

The choice of the right network is now dependent on the people and customers you want to address. And also about how your offer is structured, that is, does your offer target more private B2C customers or more B2B corporate clients or maybe even both customer structures?

Alone these are the first important criteria for the social network to be chosen.


      • For the private customer B2C the network Facebook or Google+ would be a good choice

      • For B2B companies, the network Xing or LinkedIn is also predestined for Google+.

Another criterion is the type of presentation you prefer to give preference to.


      • Do you want to run a microblogging and primarily spread short messages, so-called tweets, the choice falls on Twitter. Twitter also has an interface to the network Pinterest. Through this interface, content from Pinterest can be displayed directly in tweets.

      • Pinterest is a platform on which a user has the ability to pin photos, videos or a product "pin" / notepad on his virtual wall and then share it on the network with others. Through the product pin, the user can in the future, for example, be informed about product innovations or price changes. A service that is interesting for product offerings of companies because they can thus always recall your pinned products.

This makes it clear that a social network, viewed in isolation, is not always the optimal choice, but rather a combination of 2 or even more networks is the ideal solution.

Operating and product analysis

The right decision for or against involvement in one or more of the social networks will depend on a prior business and product analysis. Such analysis must be given top priority over all other social networking activities.

The following parameters should be considered in the preparation of an analysis:

      • How is the customer structure to be addressed?

      • What is the goal with involvement in the social network?

      • What content is communicated to the users?

      • Which products should be marketed via this route?

      • Can product photos or product videos be provided?

      • Can the effort for the social network be met?

      • Who cares for the social network and fulfills this with life?

      • Who maintains the social network if the person entrusted with it is prevented?

Reuter-Logo-nur-roter-Punkt-30x30 In a nutshell:

Social networks are a proven way to bring the company, product or service to a large and diverse audience. Also the advantage of a possible conversation with the visitors weighs heavily with the "pro social network".

However, the chances must not hide the fact that the appearance on social networks also entails a corresponding effort. An effort that is professional and continuous to operate. Only then will it be possible to reap success for all the effort.

However, if the fulfillment of these requirements is not possible, the participation in these networks should be waived in their own interest. Because quickly this can be a failure that can have a negative impact on the entire company.

Then focus on the things that can be done with dedication and professionalism. This will give you confidence that will positively impact your business and benefit your personal life.

It is important to note that social networks can rarely replace an independent homepage on the Internet.

Remember, there are many Internet users who prefer a conventional homepage because they do not want to deal with social networks. On the other hand, the idea of ​​data protection is very often spoken of, which is repeatedly raised and sensitized by frequent media reports. Social networks should be seen as a good complement to the conventional homepage.

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