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Content Marketing

In the corporate world, a majority of people in charge are aware that online PR and content marketing is an excellent tool for attracting attention and building trust. All the more incomprehensible is the fact that only a small minority use this effective instrument.

You can not preach often enough about how important Content Marketing and Online PR is to your success story. Actually, many are fully aware of this, but the actual implementation ultimately lacks in most cases.

Most of the sites on the Net still want to sell a product first and foremost. That is also a legitimate intention, only the vast majority of website visitors do not want that at all. After all, they first of all search for specific information.

Usually no visitor comes to a website because he is driven by boredom in his everyday life. No, the visitor has a need or a problem and that's why he's looking for a recommendation, information or solution on the net.

And at the latest at this point, the chaff separates from the wheat; If you operate a website that exclusively targets the sale of your product, you will not appeal to most Internet users at all. You can not achieve this because you are far behind in the search engine results of search engines and therefore not even found by the users. However, if coincidence still means you well, then usually only about the price.

One thing is for sure, an Internet user who is looking for a specific product or service on the net and who is looking for a specific product or service, will find it at innumerable suppliers. Exactly because most providers just want to sell their website. And if this visitor needs no further information, then the purchase decision is almost exclusively on the price. It almost does not matter to the buyer where the product or service is purchased.

Now my question to you:
Do you want to rank in this row of providers and only run your business on the price?

If your answer is yes, then you can save time and get out of the article at this point.

If your answer is no, then you'll learn more about the right and profitable strategy.

Be the first to remember - most Internet users have a need for information or a problem and are looking for a solution.

If you do not meet this demand, in the worst case the visitors turn away from you and move to a company that offers a solution to the request of the searcher.

Caution: This group of people may well include your existing customers!

That's why you use your big chance

Stand out from the countless providers in the net. Think about it and offer visitors to your site solutions or knowledge in the association of your company in the form of content. Be sure to put the sale of your products in the second row.

You are now likely to consider how to make a business or sales and profit if you do not want to focus on selling your products. Trust me, you do your business, even much more business.

Follow me:

Think about the content with which you can offer which solutions on your homepage. Believe me, there are countless possibilities. Also, think about what knowledge you can convey. Again, you will be surprised by your creativity.

Put these thoughts on paper and draw up a list of priorities. Put your best ideas into action. Write a good content, publish it on your website and give your visitors added value.

The search engines like content very much and your ranking in the search engines will improve significantly. Visitors to your website will be thrilled and thank you! The success of your website and your business success will not be long in coming.

Tip 1:
Change or update the content of your website regularly.

Tip 2:
Because the content to be exchanged was finally worked out with great effort and effort by you, it would be a shame if it were lost or slumbered somewhere in the archive of the computer hard disk until it was automatically deleted. Therefore you develop a blog as the next step. Here you have wonderful the opportunity already published added value, which also offers in the future for many still very useful content, continue to be able to present on your page in the form of a blog. This will continue to be accessible to your visitors and recorded by the search engines.

A positive side effect of this strategy is that it also automatically increases your reputation on the net. Their reputation is increasing and this in turn is rewarded by the search engines with a better ranking.

But that's not enough!

Now you are already in the role of provider of solutions and knowledge, so together we are extending this responsible role even more.

Online PR Marketing

In addition to good content marketing, engage in active online PR marketing. This means you are writing informative articles and these will be submitted for publication on eligible online portals. A medium with which you can achieve unimaginable dissemination and which very much matches your reputation.

As a result, trust in you and your products grows, and one thing we know is that you usually buy where there is a basis of trust.

Of course, there are appropriate for the writing of articles corresponding formalities that must be observed. Also, one should not expect that the submitted article will be published in every requested portal. This is often not because of the quality of the article but also because it just does not fit the respective focus topic or otherwise. So it can happen that articles are published later, in the worst case, not at all.

And a selection among the hundreds of online portals should be made. But beware, please do not think too close here.

Here is a small example:

As a veterinarian write an article about the cause of a specific dog disease and describe different therapies as a solution for a recovery.

Question: Where would you publish?

At first glance probably, in magazines about dogs, for breeders, for dog sports clubs, in journals of veterinary medicine and additionally in general animal magazines.

So far so good, but let's think outside the box:

where are the majority of dog owners? Aha! There are still the house and garden magazines, horse, hunting, holiday, hairdressing magazines and many more.

You see, this too must and should be thought about.

Often it is the models of the cross-brawlers that attribute success.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this medium and develop a comfortable advantage over your competitors.

And if the use of this opportunity is precluded by the time factor, I can only recommend that you turn to competent external service providers or consultants. These will support you in the implementation, provide you with professional tips and ideas and have enough lateral thinking potential.

Reuter-Logo-nur-roter-Punkt-30x30 In a nutshell:

Content and online PR marketing are a must on any successful website.

Content Marketing

Do not put the sale but the solution and the knowledge in association with your products and services in the foreground.

Most Internet users have a problem searching for a solution on the net, or they have a need for information in the first step. Satisfy these needs of your website visitors with appropriately good and informative content.

Online PR Marketing

Use the outstanding possibilities of online PR marketing at regular intervals. Create good articles and submit them to the relevant online portals for publication. A publication builds trust in you as a person and also in your products.

The basis for later sales success for the customers then willing to pay a little more!

Also practice controlling in marketing. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by this because only then are you able to continuously optimize your marketing. It will help you to find less successful activities to improve them and to focus on your successful activities.

Think Content!

Sincerely yours

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