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There are countless questions about online marketing advice. But the most common of all questions that you are most likely to face are:

  • What is online marketing advice?

  • What brings me online marketing advice?

  • How is online marketing advice implemented in practice?

  • What is the goal of an online marketing consultation?

For all these questions you will now receive detailed answers from us. At the same time, these answers reflect our achievements and practices.

Have fun and inspiration here.

What is Online Marketing Consulting?

Surely you also know a lot of the possibilities that exist to be present on the internet with an appearance,

  • the classic homepage
  • special product pages
  • a blog
  • PR reports
  • social media in great variety
  • video portals
  • Photo portals
  • cooperation
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Forums
  • advertisements
  • E-mail marketing
  • and and and ….

Of course, the goal of each of us is to get the most from our online activities. And already the first big questions and answers begin

  • How can I achieve the best?
  • Should I "just" focus on one activity?
  • Or better combine different activities?
  • And what combinations of the amount of options should I choose?
  • Which combination do I choose at the beginning, which I can then optimize through extensions?
  • Who should look after these projects in the future?
  • What are the respective costs to be quantified?

Questions about questions whose answers are complex and in no way half-hearted in addition to everyday business may be processed!

As a solution to all these important questions and project tasks we offer our Online Marketing Consulting.

Our consulting will relieve you in the area of ​​marketing and show you structured solutions for a successful, appealing and successful online presence.

However, we do not consider online marketing purely "online-isolated" but always in combination with other marketing activities, such as "open day", for example, if a shop exists, or "direct mailing" or "glass production". or a lecture or participation in a fair or classic marketing or social commitment and much more.

At the beginning of our consultation, we discuss yours with you

  • It's on
  • Target state
  • plans
  • Wishes
  • imaginations
  • aims

In the next step, your online presence and marketing activities, your customer structure and your offer will be analyzed. The adjusting screws and other possibilities of improvement offered for a search engine optimization are likewise subjected to a test.

We will also analyze the positioning, reputation and trust that you enjoy on the internet and is an integral part of our online marketing consulting. This applies equally to your activities in the area of ​​online PR, the referenced backlinks, your ranking in the relevant search engines and the evaluation of your visitor statistics.

A controlling that is of tremendous importance and is an indispensable factor in the results-oriented use of marketing.

As a further highlight, you will define your dream client - a professional business avatar will be created. No freestyle but a duty, because you are now able to address your dream customers perfectly using marketing.

And because, conversely, you are bringing your company closer and closer to your dream customers, you will increasingly be perceived by your dream customers and contacted by them.

As a result, these customers will be well looked after by you, your employees and your online presence. Especially because they have already been created by you as a customer of choice, as a business avatar and because of the properties defined in it you are well informed about them.

Again and again you will notice in our advice that we not only provide a pure consulting service, no, we will motivate both you and later all those involved in the project repeatedly to think outside the box and to follow new contemporary paths.

As a result, each project will develop its own momentum whose success will not be long in coming.

Consider the solutions we develop
many influencing factors, distinctive points and interfaces

For example

  • Your ideas on the one hand
  • on the other hand, but also the actual opportunities for the project implementation
  • which marketing activities make sense and which nonsense
  • the people who are involved in the current implementation as well as in the continuation of the project
  • how much manpower is needed for what
  • who produces a special aptitude for the project
  • the attitude and loyalty of your employees
  • whether the use of an external service seems necessary
  • Your products or services
  • Your budget
  • the existing customer structure and
  • of course your target customers

All of these and more points will be merged into a marketing project with a crystal clear project goal.

To be in it

  • individual project steps and intermediate goals defined
  • Assign tasks to specific responsible persons
  • regularly held project meetings on site or via internet / webcam.

Thus, new ideas, which experience and very much to the joy of large numbers, are always discussed quickly and discussed. Conscious project corrections can also be made flexibly and promptly. But even unwanted project deviations can be efficiently corrected and brought back on track, if this should differ from the same time.

If there are questions to clarify outside these fixed meeting dates, we are, of course, also available to our clients outside of these deadlines. And if a personal contact due to "collision" does not happen immediately, we will contact you as soon as possible.

+ Short ways and a quick reaction
that is our motto and leads to project success +
of course also for us motivation and pure adrenaline

A note for you at this point, do not make our execution done here by the size of a company. The procedure is usually similar in its basic structure, whether it is a one-person company or a large medium-sized company. The linchpin is important and it is always with the project participants.

Our goal of every online marketing consultancy is that you

  • are motivated and enthusiastic
  • gain more new customers
  • achieve more quality of life
  • Increase your sales and earnings
  • Make your business more successful
  • employ motivated and satisfied employees
  • regular and automated contact with your customers and prospects

Do you recognize yourself with your wishes?

Then contact us immediately and we start with the successful implementation, because

the speed of implementation is the recipe of the successful!


We look forward to you

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