Online Marketing Advice Basics

As you go through an online marketing consultation

  • gain more new customers
  • achieve more quality of life
  • Increase sales and earnings

  • Make your business more successful
  • employ motivated and satisfied employees
  • regular and automated contact with your customers and prospects
  • in the future, reap the well-deserved fruits for your time and effort invested in marketing

I want to bring you this and more in this first basic article.

First, two questions for you:

  1. Does not the list made above also correspond to your concrete ideas?


  2. does not this also evoke in you the urgent desire to come closer to these ideas?

It is only natural if you answer these questions with yes. So it is in the nature of man in addition to many other needs a security, a security yes to achieve perfection. A natural law that is the foundation for all our projects, both at work and in private life.

Of course, everything is relative and what is important to some is less important to others, and vice versa. But in principle we will agree that achieving basic human needs is irrefutably needed

  • good health
  • security
  • a responsibility
  • a social environment
  • social competence
  • Knowledge and experience
  • a need
  • the will to achieve something
  • the goal and
  • a reward in the form of recognition, acceptance and success.

Broken down to the professional level, the desires or visions arising from the above list are of fundamental importance. Exactly why I now turn away from wishful thinking and make this our declared central goal.

The power of the goals

I admit, the everyday business and an established routine does not necessarily make it easier to manage the balancing act between vision and goal.

The reasons are simple: we overwhelm ourselves.

So it happens that we still have our goals in mind due to overstraining, only the necessary clear view for this we can no longer muster. A condition that does not enable us to focus on our actual goals and to reach them with bundled forces.

Because we scatter our gloomy looks in all directions, catch a little something everywhere, but in sum we just can not get on. We are gradually becoming a general store specializing in everything a bit but nothing.

As a result, we achieve none of our goals and this with fatal consequences, because it inevitably sets in an increasing dissatisfaction and self-doubt. I probably do not need to draw a picture of what happens when, at some point, the necessary motivation ceases to creep in, and then completely. You have enough imagination to design your own picture.

But that is precisely what needs to be prevented and the achievement of the goals should stand in the foreground as an independent goal. And here comes a consultation in its first stage.

In advance, there will be a conversation between clients and consultants in which the needs, wishes, possibly the problems and the expectations of the advice to be given will be discussed.

Building on this, the status quo has to be determined and the concreteness of the client's visions, his ideas, his plans, and clear goals defined. Thus, a first project called goals.

For this a detailed project plan has to be created with the content

  • activities to be performed
  • the resources
  • involved persons / team and their tasks
  • the milestones
  • Follow-ups
  • success factors
  • critical factors of success
  • start date
  • follow-up appointments
  • Deadline
  • Result
  • and most importantly, the evaluation to complete the project

A plan whose implementation and flow is continuously accompanied by a consultant. Should the latter notice deviations or changes due to new findings, the consultant will intervene immediately in order not to let the project run in the wrong direction or even endanger it.

Goals are of enormous importance for success. It does not matter if these are short-term or long-term goals. Both are irreplaceable. But you have to formulate your goals clearly and clearly and write them down in a project plan similar to the content described above and consistently follow their implementation. Goals open up the possibility to tackle our wishes and visions in a simple way and to implement them in a structured way.

The central role of marketing

The marketing with its innumerable facets plays a central and essential role in the goal achievement and thus also in the on-line marketing consultation. For example, marketing today is very much geared to the medium of the Internet, the modern-day marketing. A great and equally interesting medium but one brings with it, changes in a tremendous for us humans and actually unwanted speed.

A speed we should keep up with, but Question to you:

  • How should that be possible?

Because you, as a manager, have it on a daily basis

  • Self-motivation to live and also to motivate your employees
  • to create a great work environment
  • Maintain contacts to your business partners and expand the network
  • Sell ​​your products or services
  • to create new innovations
  • To trim your products or services to peak performance
  • to take a leading position in the market
  • to have a soothing quality of life and
  • to lead a stabilizing family life
  • To enjoy the joy of life
  • and more

In addition to this exemplary listing, you are aware that professional marketing is indispensable in achieving all these tasks. Yes, you know the power of marketing, but you also know the myriad possibilities, combinations and tools for strategic marketing.

Feel it, at the very latest now comes to some extent the excessive demands which in the result carries the great danger in itself, that all tasks and goals suffer greatly and the desired success for all involved fails. This combined with less and less time for your essential tasks, less time for your private life and the loss of your desired quality of life.

I therefore maintain that marketing is responsible for many causes.

But now comes the good news for you:

Everyone has to eliminate overburdening in their own hands and achieve the desired goals.

Everyone! and you, too!

For this, clearly separate the tasks that you personally have to perform from the tasks that are indispensable for success, but whose fulfillment can be outsourced to professional service providers. This can be, for example, financial accounting, payroll accounting, room cosmetics, IT infrastructure, production plant management and marketing.

To take care of your marketing choose a thoroughbred marketer from the

  • Your marketing analyzes,
  • develop optimizations together with you,
  • She advises in the implementation of your marketing and
  • especially supported and accompanied.

So with words and deeds to your side stands.

And an important aspect for the success of marketing at this point mentioned - a marketing without a controlling is not marketing.

A passionate marketing consultant not only isolates online marketing but also sees it in combination with the classic medium and optimizes it accordingly. Thus, good online marketing takes into account case by case the entire potential under consideration, taking into account the existing budget, in the strategy to be developed.

For example how online marketing activities can be combined with

  • an open day
  • a public lecture at a trade event
  • a classic direct mailing
  • a brochure, brochure or catalog
  • an IHK contribution
  • a PR report in the print media
  • and countless more.

Figuratively, this means that the potential potential is filled into a funnel and filtered until after the probing only a targeted marketing strategy remains in the core.

But now we are dedicated to online marketing

In the course of the online marketing consultation, an existing website is analyzed in detail and checked for certain basic parameters. This means checking the content, structuring, user-friendliness and visual orientation of a website. The keywords chosen for the website, the keyword density, the ranking, the backlinks, the existing trust image and many more are examined for their potential and for improvement or expansion possibilities.

In addition, the analysis of important SEO structures within the program code takes place. These in turn are important for the algorithms of search engines and thus the placement of a website within the search results.

Another important milestone is to examine the existing trust that a company enjoys in existing and potentially eligible customers. For this purpose, it is checked whether articles or PR reports are published within relevant forums or online PR portals, if so, what content and with what relevance.

Also, the presence in social networks will be examined and of course, whether the most suitable social network was ever "tapped" or just just once a network came to choose from, because this is currently on everyone's lips.

E-mail marketing enjoys another very high priority in online marketing consulting. So it is not in vain, "the money is in the list"!

It will be in the consultation to clarify the questions, if there is even an e-mail list, if so, how this list was generated, how this list is maintained and with what content the readers are supplied in which intervals.

Further clarification will be taken on the questions, whether the e-mails to be sent have a sales psychology structure, how the e-mail list is structured in your structure and which tools can be used to generate the most effective and comfortable automatic e-mail.

Data protection will also be part of a consultation. A topic that is becoming more and more important for consumers due to the secular links and the sensitizing reports. Quite rightly, I mean. The reward for the companies that deal with this issue offensively and also comply with the data protection guidelines will be that they are given additional confidence by the consumers.

The business avatar, the underrated power

Question to you:

Is there a business avatar in your business?

If you can answer this question with a no, no, it must be said at this point the urgent recommendation to create such a business avatar. Only then will you yourself be able to benefit from the resulting benefits.

Note: A business avatar is the concrete and detailed description of his absolute favorite customer.

This is the only way in which each of the participants has a concrete idea of ​​who the intended customers are supposed to be. Ultimately, the big advantage is that it acts according to the avatar and the strategy of the customer approach as well as the marketing is designed. Thus, another goal is focused.

If these customers are then addressed by targeted marketing, two parameters are the logical consequence:

  1. because the customer feels addressed he can identify much better with the advertising company and feels confirmed in his action - satisfaction is the result

  2. From the start, all parties involved in the company can now adapt much better to their customers and respond to their wishes in a much simpler and more targeted manner, or know their behavior and preferences in advance in the broadest sense.

This leads to the simple result that the addressed customers are excellently served in their wishes and expectations. That these are then highly satisfied and recommend the product or service, is self-evident. The circle of customers actually acquired is thus becoming larger and, as a result, self-proclaimed. Because one thing is certain, no advertising is as good and effective as the recommendation by a satisfied customer.

I'm human, I want to be here

Another obligation of online marketing consultancy includes the involvement of the people behind the company, the existing operating structure, the general market positioning and the previous target orientation.

Thus, in an online marketing consultation, the human being of the company is in the center of attention. Because without humans nothing works. And it does not matter if the company is a sole proprietorship, a team, a medium-sized company or a global player.

Man is and remains the most important "capital".

Therefore, during and after a consultation, the employees, the executives and all other project participants are to be involved with regard to their motivation, commitment, loyalty, ideas and so on.

For the field of content, experience has shown that either only a certain person or, depending on the size of the company structure, a specific team may be entrusted with the task. Only these employees coordinate the implementation and are responsible for the published content. This gives the whole a professional structure that the customer consciously or unconsciously so recorded.

In practice, it makes great sense when there is a lively exchange and communication, but it makes no sense at all if everyone participates in the final and practical implementation of a content.

Only in this way can a holistic concept be worked out, in the implementation of which all participants are happy to do so. Conversely, this in turn brings the desired success with it. This is a success in which a high-inspiring motivation sets in for further project goals, which in turn creates new creative ideas and, as a result, achieves the goals set with satisfaction and a high quality of life.

The result of an online marketing consultation

From all these gathered parameters, a holistic solution for the best possible Internet and market presence will be developed. A solution that is structured in such a way that it not only leads to success through holistic implementation, but also results in individual successes in the first successes.

Here, the budget of each one plays an important role that needs to be considered. Thus, the budget for the planning and the scope of the project but also for the implementation of the individual project objectives of great importance and strict compliance.

A solidly developed marketing concept is broken down into individual steps such that this can not only be implemented with a large budget but also allows a successful implementation in individual project steps on a smaller budget.

The nice advantage is that it also allows the company with a smaller budget to operate a professional, targeted and successful marketing. Because one thing is clear, even the consistent implementation of initial project steps will result in more revenue and profit, the monetary value of which can then be reinvested in further, larger project goals (ROI = return on investment).

Reuter-Logo-nur-roter-Punkt-30x30 In a nutshell:

The goals

  • gain more new customers
  • achieve more quality of life
  • Increase sales and earnings
  • make the company more successful
  • employ motivated and satisfied employees
  • regular and automated contact with customers and interested parties
  • In the future, the time and effort invested in marketing will finally bear the well-deserved fruits

These and more goals can be achieved through a strategic marketing concept.

To develop such a concept is very well the use of an online marketing consultancy. Building on the status quo, it is important that not only the marketing activities, the market position, the image of trust, the customer contact, etc., but also the structure and the person of a company as well as the possibilities of classical marketing are included in this consultation.

The consulting and concept development is based on the principle to consider all possibilities and links relevant for the result, to work out the most promising factors and to define clearly structured goals from them.

First project steps in the implementation can be:

  • Creating a business avatar
  • Presentation of the same to the employees
  • Optimization of the website
  • Creation of special landing pages
  • Building or expanding e-mail marketing
  • Online PR
  • building trust
  • Reputation building
  • Controlling the activities
  • etc.

The top priority of any reputable online marketing consultant will be that he works with his clients to develop a marketing concept that generates the best possible added value for the company to be consulted. Regardless of whether the marketing concept is implemented at once or in individual steps.

Only then will all three sides benefit, namely the customers, the company and the consultant. The basis for growing satisfaction, growing trust and, as a result, a long-term and successful business relationship for everyone involved.

A give and a take!


And two tips at the end:

The article lists many aspects that are crucial for good advice. However, two aspects have not yet been explicitly mentioned:

  1. A consultant with heart and soul sees his task not only in the analysis and the purely sober project processing but also in the fact that he inspires you and all parties involved to co-operate, coaches, motivates, builds and spreads courage. Then everyone will play in top form.

  2. When choosing a consultant, make sure that there is a basic affinity between you and the counselor. This is an extremely important cornerstone for the successful implementation of such a significant project. And it is precisely through successful implementation that, in the majority of cases, a long-term and important cooperation based on trust is created, which in turn guarantees many more success stories.

⇒ it must be bubbling,
⇒ it has to live,
⇒ allow me, it has to rock!

I wish you much success, inspiration, joy and a great quality of life,

sincerely yours

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