E-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing - The money is in the list!

How many times has our good old email been killed?

But she lives more than ever. No one who has ever recognized the benefits of the medium wants and can do without e-mail marketing!


It's as simple as it is simple, because no other advertising medium offers such wonderful advantages as the dear good "old" e-mail. And I want to make that clear to you in this article about e-mail marketing.

But as an example, a business class that uses e-mails professionally and profitably.

Is not it surprising that just and without exception, the major online mail order companies use e-mail in the first place of this advertising medium?

No, that's not it! Because exactly these professionals have the merits of e-mail advertising on their bill in large letters.

This proves the fact alone that almost all providers make every effort to obtain the e-mail addresses of potential customers. Generous gifts and bonuses are distributed to the website visitors for the disclosure of their e-mail address, which is used for future newsletters. This, for example, in the form of an e-book with useful tips or participation in a special raffle or a voucher for the first purchase and much more.

And so we can conclude that for these professionals an e-mail address embodies a great value. If that were not the case, absolutely nothing would be invested to generate an e-mail address.

But not only the big online retailers but also tour operators, publishers, technology manufacturers, etc. invest a lot of effort and creativity in being able to collect the e-mail address of your visitors.

And immediately my question to you:

What has already moved you to leave one or the other provider your e-mail address?

Answer this for yourself and consider the following thoughts:

  • how was I continued to be looked after by the advertising company?
  • which added value was delivered to me
  • how many offers have been submitted to me
  • in what form have I received these
  • What impact did this have on my confidence in the product or company
  • and how has this changed my behavior towards the company

Take the trouble and make a list.
Because the influence of e-mail marketing will only really be aware of this. This also helps you a lot with inspiration and implementation in your own company.

Now for the benefits of e-mail advertising:

Imagine the following situation:

You run a conventional retail store and you can communicate, advise, chat and sell with every customer who enters your store. But if the customer goes back the contact is usually canceled again and you have no way to continue to reach this personally.

This is how it is to be understood in the online business, with the subtle but also serious difference that this scenario takes place much faster and, at first, only one-sided communication takes place. Because you normally have no way to interact with the visitor of your website in interactive contact as is the case in a retail store.

But that's exactly what we want and must be our goal!

For this we need the e-mail address of the visitor so that we can provide him with valuable information beyond his visit and build up the purchase-critical trust.

Because once we have the e-mail address so we can this

  • welcome
  • address personally
  • build up trust
  • always provide valuable information
  • to refer to own PR reports or online articles in online portals
  • inform about events or news
  • special offers for newsletter recipients and exclusive offers
  • etc.

You will now recognize that email marketing is a great medium for you to use

  • inexpensive, and that
  • anytime,
  • from every place
  • regularly and
  • for whatever reason

can get in touch with your customers.

In addition, there are other advantages. For example, you can specify the interests of your customers via an opinion poll that you have started by e-mail. This puts you in the position to provide your customers with information and offers in a more targeted manner in the future.

Is not that fantastic?

It is important that the intention of selling is second as well. Content, ie content and added value, must be in the foreground, just like on a homepage. Because only when the customers experience, this is not just about sales but it is knowledge and solution, so added value delivered, only then feel the customers comfortable with you. This increases the trust and thus automatically the willingness to place an order or an order with you.

A good and satisfied customer is the one who sees himself confirmed in his monetary act and feels good about it. And this is based on the confidence built up before.

In order to be professional in e-mail marketing, you should use an e-mail marketing software / e-mail marketing tool or e-mail service. This has the advantage for you of being able to implement highly professional campaigns and reducing the workload required for e-mail marketing. Efficiency is therefore no longer a wishful thinking.

First quick look at the email marketing system

By using such a service, you can, for example, automate a welcome mail after the customer has been registered in the mailing list. The double-opt-in procedure, which is mandatory under German data protection laws, is also automatically controlled. So it does not matter at what time or on which day a new newsletter subscriber enters your mailing list, through the system he immediately receives the predefined and stored greeting mails automatically.

So it is with the following, building emails. You can also store these in the relevant system so that they can be sent automatically to the respective recipients at the times specified by you.

There are several providers in the market for these email marketing systems. And everyone differs in one or the other from his competitor. A blanket recommendation can therefore not be pronounced but is subject to an individual examination in view of the specific needs of the user.

Important, I think, is to choose a German provider who also operates his technology in Germany, but at least the German privacy policy guaranteed. Because these providers are subject to the German data protection laws and you, as the person responsible to you, have the guarantee that nothing is wrong with the generated e-mail addresses. A condition with which you can even promote trust.

And now to the question:
"How do I get the e-mail addresses of my website visitors?"

Well, as it is, there are also different possibilities for this and should be chosen depending on the operating and offer structure of a website.

As a rule, a registration window will be made available to the website visitors, in which the e-mail address will be entered in order to receive a newsletter or to receive a free report, a voucher, a webinar or other free value added.

I would like to enumerate a few possibilities for the placement of a login window:

  • permanently installed in the website structure in an exposed location
  • a "advertising window" accompanying the website when scrolling
  • a tab on the left or right edge of the screen that opens after clicking on a login window
  • a log-in window that comes in from the edge of the screen when, for example, the end of a page or a previously determined point of an article is reached
  • a login window that pops up after a certain visit time of the homepage
  • or a so-called pop-up window that pops up as soon as the mouse wants to leave the website

Of course, you can additionally collect e-mail addresses of your personal contacts. Here, for example, thought of

  • the clientele of a shop
  • advice Contact
  • fair contacts
  • existing customers

or e-mail addresses through conventional marketing such as

  • the direct mailing
  • advertisements
  • Actions
  • and much more. There are no limits to your imagination.

You can also enter these e-mail addresses in your system - but always observe and respect the applicable data protection laws.

In later articles, I will go into more detail on subtleties such as

Reuter-Logo-nur-roter-Punkt-30x30 In a nutshell:

E-mail marketing is an excellent medium to be in permanent contact with its prospects and customers. It is very well suited for building trust and at an advanced stage for active sales.

But before the sale is the added value of the readers in the form of knowledge, solution, entertainment and communication must be delivered. And all those who want to bind their customers to your company on a long-term basis are well advised to not only provide added value at the beginning of a relationship, but also to prioritize it over all time.

Extended food for thought: The positive attributes of added value are not only important in the customer relationship but also in the employee relationship and, of course, in private relationships such as family, partnerships and friendships!

Back in customer relationship - the sale and monetary success results from it alone. In the longer term even to a greater extent like trying to sell with a crowbar.

Attack it! It will not only be a nice and good experience for your customers but also you will experience an inner satisfaction.

Mailing and motivating greetings


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